Seasons finished but the Trials continue.

apyatez August 23rd, 2013

Thursday saw the end of the seasons club Time Trials and the start of a new tradition. The last ride was round the Madison course and ended up with a pint at the local pub. People were all in agreement that this  had been a great season with 21 riders showing up for the last hurrah. Stu Pickard was a worthy champion and has raised the bar for all to emulate next season. Some of the contenders will have to rethink their winter training strategies if they are to catch the top man next April.

To help continue the good feeling there will be more Time Trial practices run on a Sunday morning.

First one will be 25th August on the Hilly 10 course meeting at the Esso garage at 9.30 or on the course at 9.45.

For people that want a long steady ride the usual sunday morning rides will continue meeting at Esso at 9am

Thanks to every rider and official that has made the season safe, and exciting.

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  1. Kateon 08 Sep 2013 at 7:51 pm

    As a fellow cyclist (mum with a trailer and vintage cyclist) I’d like to draw your members attention to section 66 of Rules for Cyclists, paragraph 3. Sunday 8th September 2013 I was driving my VW Campervan down Main St Sewerby where two of your cyclists were riding two abreast. This is a narrow road and as well as parked cars, tourists and other assorted pedestrians it was thoughtless and when one of your cyclist shouted some profanity at me he failed to notice that *he* was the problem as there was an elderly driver heading towards us and we could do nothing. Had he been riding single file this would not have occurred. Please consider other road users. Rant over.

  2. Tom Goldthorpeon 01 Oct 2013 at 12:26 am

    Well done Andy Askwith on a fine ride at the Wheelers’ 50 on Saturday. Looks like it bumped him up a couple of places in the BBAR. Apologies though for the mistake on the start sheet!

    I noticed on your website you have a Haisthorpe 10, which is where I grew up. Wish I had a course on my doorstep now! My local 10 is 30 miles away. Where does it start / finish out of interest?

  3. Simon Walkeron 13 Oct 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Thank you for organising the Inter Club TT this year, photos can be found on the RichardsonsCC press Flikr Site here;

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